JavaSketchpad Authoring

JSP Introduction: Michael E. Mays' excellent introduction to the how and why of JSP, from the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications[USA].

JavaSketchpad Publishing TutorialJavaSketchpad publishing tutorial: A (Math Forum-based) workshop on creating your own JavaSketches [USA].

JSPGenerator: Hans Klein's JSPGenerator, described on JSP Linked to Other Software[Nederlands].

Einführung von JavaSketchPad: Peter Starfinger's online workshop Einführung von JavaSketchPad, including a German-language translation of the JSP Construction Grammar [Germany; in German].

Troubleshooting Guide: Paul Kunkel's "advanced JSP" troubleshooting guide [USA/Hong Kong].

GSP/JSP Compatibility Guide: Sebastian Lisken's GSP/JSP Compatibility Guide [Finland/Germany].

Collection of Workarounds: KCP Technologies' collection of workarounds [Sketchpad Resource Center].